Galleri Claes Moser is pleased to present three exhibitions in Stockholm, with the Swedish contemporary visual artist TORSTEN JURELL.

Torsten Jurell works in the field of sculpture, painting and graphic art. He exhibits continuous since 1976 in Sweden and abroad. His works are featured in private and public collections across Europe and the USA.

inFORMATION time 2008 is here: It will be three opening receptions inFORMATION.

- Why are they given the name inFORMATION?
- In August 2006 I began to work on a sculpture project in Orsa - a place in Sweden where I collaborated with Chinese sculptors. I made a load speaker tower in wood – just like a drawing!
The NYC artist Gregory Coates, my friend since we once worked together in a workshop in Cape Town 1996, gave the sculpture its name when we met in Greg's studio in Allentown PA, February 2007. We meet at least once a year. I did show him some photos of my latest work.
- And the load speaker tower - what did I make? What does it symbolize..?
- "Information", Greg answered, "Information".
- Sure...!

- But, it is a group. There are many sculptures together..?
-Surrounding the “Information – tower” I made a group of sculptures. That’s right! When I started my work with this group, I found some associations with The Burghers of Calais, one of the most famous sculptures by Auguste Rodin. I made six sculptures as the result of how many logs I had. Rodin made six sculptures. I was also surrounded by my figures, just like Rodin’s burghers are moving round in a circle. From the very beginning, I called my sculptures “The Girls of Calais” as a nickname. Finely, the name became the real name - The Girls Of Calais...

-You are using a red seal?
-I continued working with the “Information-tower” in the ink paintings I did in Beijing 2007. That is why I made myself a seal. That’s the Chinese characters for “information”.

-And then, last fall, you went back to Cape Town..?
-In the last days of November, just before I participated in Thupelo International Urban Workshop, I finished a small, very special wooden sculpture. It was some kind of a “girl-mouse-devil” I brought her to Cape Town to find out who she were and what new I had created… Back home, I brought many new pieces. New art works I will show at Halsingegatan 3. She became a Messenger…

-It’s a Theatre, isn’t it?
-At the magnificent stone room of the “Alias Theatre” I will release… Good News From The Lower World! Galleri Claes Moser are happy to tell you – we serve you inFORMATION everywere!

(Good News From The Lower World!)
sculptures, paintings, prints
17 - 27 APRIL 2008



OPENING RECEPTION with the artist: Thursday, 17 April, 5-8 pm
T +46 70 34 35 637

19 APRIL- 2 JUNE 2008


Vaxholm (outside Stockholm)

OPENING RECEPTION with the artist: Saturday, 19 April, 12am-3 pm
T +46 70 61 98 060
T +46 8 34 68 33

Sculptures, prints
24 APRIL- 15 MAY 2008


Karlavagen 87

OPENING RECEPTION with the artist: Thursday, 24 April, 5-8 pm
T +46 70 52 92 510
T +46 8 664 12 12